The Under is a subterranean city situated directly beneath Pyrite Town in southwest Orre. It can be reached in three ways: via an elevator in the Pyrite Building, The Under Subway, or a mine shaft not far to the west of Pyrite. The Under is home to two Colosseums: Under Colosseum and Deep Colosseum. The city is mostly pro-Cipher apart from a few citizens, most notably the anti-Cipher Kids Grid network. It only appears in Pokémon Colosseum. It is connected to the Shadow Pokémon Lab by The Under Subway.

A chasm in the northern part of Pyrite Town allows sunlight to reach parts of The Under. This same chasm also separates The Under into two halves: the northern half, which is home to both Colosseums, and the southern half, the home of most of the city's commercial establishments. A UFO operated by Disks connects the two halves.

It was originally an artificial town constructed for the convenience of the miners of Pyrite. Instead of having to commute between Pyrite and the mine each day, the workers assigned to dig in the mine would stay in The Under instead. When the mine closed, the miners chose to remain in their adopted home. Now, most of The Under is populated by the descendants of the original mining crew. The original inhabitants that still live in The Under are quite old, but are fond of telling stories of when the mine was in its prime.

Since The Under is a full-fledged city in itself, many of its inhabitants have rarely, and in some cases never have, been to the surface. It is for this reason that the residents tend to be suspicious of those visiting from Pyrite. A fenced-off area in the southeastern portion of The Under serves as the town's make-shift prison; it is in this structure that visitors from the surface are occasionally detained.

In Pokémon XD, The Under is completely inaccessible because it had been buried due to the incident with Cipher, as villains like Lady Venus could use The Under to hide out. The former residents have since moved to new homes in Pyrite Town and Gateon Port. Colo 7

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