Pyrite Town is a large town located in southwest Orre. The town is hewn out of a crimson-colored canyon and is laced with bits of old trash and mining debris, the latter a reminder of the town's mining past. Most buildings and machinery found within Pyrite are saturated with rust.

Pyrite is an honorable town of thugs and scoundrels where Shadow Pokémon were once distributed before Wes and Rui, the protagonists of Pokémon Colosseum, put a stop to it. Once a mining town, most of the residents have resorted to a life of crime since the town's livelihood began to wane. However, rumors about the levels of crime in Pyrite appear to be exaggerated slightly. It is said that people who stay in Pyrite for a long time take on the town's characteristics. Pyrite is known locally as "the town of earth, wind, and money." Colo 2 XD 5

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