XD Michael
Art from Pokémon XD
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown; resides in Pokémon HQ Lab
Region Orre
Relatives Jovi (sister), Lily (mother), deceased unnamed father
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer, Player character
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD

Michael is the protagonist of Pokémon XD.

Michael lives at Professor Krane's Pokémon lab in Orre with his mother, Lily, who works for Professor Krane, and his sister, Jovi. He is an up-and-coming Trainer ready for his own journey with his Eevee, his starter Pokémon entrusted to him by his father. Traveling across Orre, he seeks to defeat the criminal organization Cipher, which is now under Grand Master Greevil's plot to wield an army of Shadow Pokémon in order to rule the world.

Not only does Michael successfully defeat all of the Cipher Peons and Admins whom he encounters, but he also snags the Shadow Pokémon in their possession. His final feat is the capture of Greevil's full-fledged team of Shadow Pokémon, including XD001. His achievement brings about the disbandment of Cipher, at least under Greevil and Eldes' leadership.

During the game, Michael's father is mentioned multiple times as a distinguished public figure, but he is in fact deceased. This makes Michael similar to May and Brendan, one of whose father is a Gym Leader and the other a Pokémon Professor, but also to other player characters whose fathers are not present.

While Michael's adventures in Orre take place during Generation III, he encounters two Generation IV Pokémon, Munchlax and Bonsly, with Bonsly being used in Battle Bingo and Munchlax appearing outside of battle.