This is a list of all the key items that are found in Generation III. Please note that some of these are also part of the list of Key Items in Generation I due to Pokémon Red and Blue being remade, and several appear in multiple generations.

Some items are specific to a certain region, while others can be found in both Kanto and Hoenn.

Item Effect Games

Bag Acro Bike Sprite Acro Bike Use to move faster than walking. Slower than the Mach Bike, but can perform tricks  R  S  E 

Bag AuroraTicket Sprite AuroraTicket Allows players to access Birth Island*  E  FR  LG 

Bag Basement Key III Sprite Basement Key Allows access to New Mauville  R  S  E 

Bag Berry Pouch Sprite Berry Pouch Holds Berries  FR  LG 

Bag Bicycle Sprite Bicycle Use to move faster than walking  FR  LG 

Bag Bike Voucher Sprite Bike Voucher Exchange for Bicycle  FR  LG 

Bag Blue Orb III Sprite Blue Orb Use to calm Kyogre  S 

Bag Card Key III Sprite Card Key Opens doors in Silph Co.  FR  LG 

Bag Coin Case Sprite Coin Case Holds up to 9999 coins for use at the Rocket Game Corner or Mauville Game Corner  III 

Bag Contest Pass Sprite Contest Pass Allows players to participate in Pokémon Contests  R  S 

Bag Devon Goods Sprite Devon Goods To be delivered to Captain Stern in Slateport City  R  S  E 

Bag Devon Scope Sprite Devon Scope Reveals hidden Pokémon; Allows access to the Fortree Gym  R  S  E 

Bag Eon Ticket Sprite Eon Ticket Allows players to access Southern Island*  R  S  E 

Bag Fame Checker Sprite Fame Checker Tells about famous characters  FR  LG 

Bag Go-Goggles Sprite Go-Goggles Allows players to enter the desert sandstorm on Route 111  R  S  E 

Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod Allows the player to fish in bodies of water. Better than the Old Rod  III 

Bag Gold Teeth Sprite Gold Teeth Safari Zone Warden's false teeth. Return them to him for HM04 (Strength)  FR  LG 

Bag Itemfinder Sprite Itemfinder Locates items hidden on the ground  III 

Bag Letter Sprite Letter To be delivered to Steven Stone  R  S  E 

Bag Lift Key Sprite Lift Key Allows operation of the elevator in the Rocket Hideout  FR  LG 

Bag Mach Bike Sprite Mach Bike Use to move much faster than walking. Able to climb muddy slopes  R  S  E 

Bag Magma Emblem Sprite Magma Emblem Used to access the Team Magma Hideout  E 

Bag Meteorite Sprite Meteorite Return to Professor Cozmo in exchange for TM27 (Return)RSE
Deliver to Lostelle's father on Two Island at Bill's requestFRLG

Bag MysticTicket Sprite MysticTicket Allows players to access Navel Rock*  E  FR  LG 

Bag Oak's Parcel Sprite Oak's Parcel Deliver to Professor Oak to receive a Pokédex  FR  LG 

Bag Old Rod Sprite Old Rod Allows the player to fish in bodies of water  III 

Bag Old Sea Map Sprite Old Sea Map Allows players to access Faraway Island  E 

Bag Pokéblock Case Sprite Pokéblock Case Holds 40 Pokéblocks
Allows admission to the Safari Zone
Allows players to participate in Pokémon ContestsE
 R  S  E 

Bag Poké Flute Sprite Poké Flute Awakens the player's and the opponent's sleeping Pokémon
Awakens the sleeping Snorlax on Routes 12 and 16
 FR  LG 

Bag Powder Jar Sprite Powder Jar Holds Berry Powder from Berry Crush  E  FR  LG 

Bag Rainbow Pass Sprite Rainbow Pass Allows players access to all of the Sevii Islands  FR  LG 

Bag Red Orb III Sprite Red Orb Use to calm Groudon  R 

Bag Rm. 1 Key Sprite Rm. 1 Key Opens a room on the Abandoned Ship  R  S  E 

Bag Rm. 2 Key Sprite Rm. 2 Key Opens a room on the Abandoned Ship  R  S  E 

Bag Rm. 4 Key Sprite Rm. 4 Key Opens a room on the Abandoned Ship  R  S  E 

Bag Rm. 6 Key Sprite Rm. 6 Key Opens a room on the Abandoned Ship  R  S  E 

Bag Ruby Sprite Ruby Give to Celio along with Sapphire to set up the Network Machine of the Pokémon Network Center on One Island
In exchange for the Ruby, Celio gives the player a Rainbow Pass
 FR  LG 

Bag Sapphire Sprite Sapphire Give to Celio along with Ruby to set up the Network Machine of the Pokémon Network Center on One Island  FR  LG 

Bag Scanner Sprite Scanner Give to Captain Stern to exchange it for a DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth  R  S  E 

Bag Secret Key III Sprite Secret Key Unlocks the door of Cinnabar Gym  FR  LG 

Bag Silph Scope Sprite Silph Scope Allows the Pokémon of Pokémon Tower to be seen  FR  LG 

Bag Soot Sack Sprite Soot Sack Allows volcanic ash to be collected on Route 113  R  S  E 

Bag S.S. Ticket Sprite S.S. Ticket Allows admission to the S.S. TidalRSE or S.S. AnneFRLG  III 

Bag Storage Key III Sprite Storage Key Allows a door to be opened on the Abandoned Ship  R  S  E 

Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod Allows the player to fish in bodies of water. The best Rod of all  III 

Bag Tea Sprite Tea Give to the Saffron City guards to be granted access to the city  FR  LG 

Bag Teachy TV Sprite Teachy TV Teaches players basics about Pokémon battles  FR  LG 

Bag TM Case Sprite TM Case Holds TMs and HMs  FR  LG 

Bag Town Map III Sprite Town Map Displays a map of Kanto and the Sevii Islands  FR  LG 

Bag Tri-Pass Sprite Tri-Pass Allows players to access the three northernmost Sevii Islands  FR  LG 

Bag Vs. Seeker Sprite Vs. Seeker Allows Trainers to be re-challenged  FR  LG 

Bag Wailmer Pail Sprite Wailmer Pail Allows Berries to be watered. If watering is done correctly, the resulting Berry trees will have more Berries to pick
Allows the player to pass Sudowoodo in the Battle FrontierE
 R  S  E 
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