A held item is an item that may be carried by a Pokémon. This capability was first introduced in Generation II.

Held items range from Berries, which can be used in battle for recovery of HP, curing of a status condition, raising of a stat, and other effects; to the Bag Soothe Bell SpriteSoothe Bell, which boosts friendship gained.

List of held items

The following is a list of items made solely to be held items, sorted into groups.

Type-enhancing items

Main article: Type-enhancing item

Type-enhancing items increase the power of a used move of the enhanced type by 20% (10% prior to Generation IV). Some are given out by the Week Siblings.


Main article: Plate

Plates are ancient stone tablets engraved with text that increase the power of moves of a specific type. There is one for each type except Normal. Equipping a Plate to a Pokémon with Multitype will cause it to change type to that of the Plate held.


Main article: Gem

Gems increase the power of a specific type of move by 30% (50% in Generation V) and are consumed after use. They are found in dust clouds.

Stat enhancing items

Main article: Stat-enhancing item

These items, when held, will increase certain stats of Pokémon. Some can only be used by specific Pokémon.

In-battle effect items

Main article: In-battle effect item

These items will take effect during battle to either aid or hinder the Pokémon holding them or an opponent.

Evolution items

Main article: Evolution-inducing held item

These items, when held by a Pokémon, will cause it to undergo evolution when activated by another event, such as gaining a level or being traded.

Mega Stones

Main article: Mega Stone

These items, when held by their respective Pokémon, will allow the holder to undergo Mega Evolution during battle.

Colored orbs

Main article: Colored orbs

Starting in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, these items allow Groudon and Kyogre to undergo Primal Reversion when held.


Main article: Incense

These items, when held by a Pokémon in the day-care, will cause it to produce an Egg that will hatch into a baby Pokémon introduced after Generation II. They will also affect the holder in various ways during battle.

Experience-affecting items

Main article: Experience-affecting item

These items, when held by a Pokémon, affect the amount of experience that a Pokémon gains in battle.

EV-enhancing items

Main article: EV-enhancing item

These items, when held by a Pokémon, promote EV gain in several different ways.


Main article: Mail

Mail allows players to send messages to each other by attaching it to a Pokémon that is to be traded.


Main article: Berry

Berries have varying effects. Some weaken supereffective moves, and others cure status conditions. Berries also affect the power and strength of the move Natural Gift. All can be used to make Pokéblocks or Poffin.


Main article: Scarf

Scarves up the Contest condition of the Pokémon that is holding it without the Pokémon being fed Pokéblocks or Poffin.

Out-of-battle effect items

Main article: Out-of-battle effect item

These items will only take effect outside battle, in the overworld.

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