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Orre Colosseum

Orre Colosseum XD

Orre Colosseum

Go and talk to Eagun and he'll say registration is now open for the Orre Colosseum. The battles will be taken care of in a different section.

On Battle #4 of each round, the player will battle a character that was seen earlier in the game. Once beaten, they will give a reward, and a title. In the order that they are defeated:

Orre Colosseum
Round Character Title given TM
1 Lovrina Lovrina Fan Club Member #1 Bag TM Poison Sprite TM06
2 Snattle Orre Governor's Secretary Candidate Bag TM Normal Sprite TM27
3 Gorigan The Hexagonal Bolt of Friendship Holder Bag TM Psychic Sprite TM48
(Skill Swap)
4 Chobin Defeater of Chobin Bag TM Poison Sprite TM36
(Sludge Bomb)
5 Gonzap Honorary Team Snagem Member Bag TM Psychic Sprite TM44
6 Ardos Cipher's Biggest Enemy Bag TM Steel Sprite TM47
(Steel Wing)
7 Eldes Eldes' Top Rival Bag TM Dragon Sprite TM02
(Dragon Claw)

Lovrina must be defeated in Orre Colosseum in order to start the Lucky Egg Quest.

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