Agate Village is a small, lush, forest village located in north-central Orre. A large river runs past the town, accounting for its abundance of flora in an area that is primarily desert. The terrain in the village is also fairly mountainous as it is located near the westernmost edge of Mt. Battle.

Agate Village is primarily a retirement destination for elderly Pokémon Trainers. Most of the citizens are senior Trainers who have retired from professional training; however, most keep their Pokémon with them in old age, living out the winter of their lives with their treasured companions.

Many young Trainers visit Agate, either because they have relatives there or because they seek the wisdom of their elders. Few youngsters actually live in Agate.

Agate's Poké Mart is the only one in Orre that sells Scents used to massage Pokémon. Colo 4 XD 3


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